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What instrument should I start with? Which instrument should my child do?

The easy answer is usually Piano- because it really makes a great foundation. However, it is not the correct answer. Which instrument you should learn is dependent on a number of factors

  1. Your interest- why are you learning an instrument?
  2. Your personality – are you more extroverted or introverted? Different instruments require different personalities to bring out depth while performing
  3. Your passion- all instruments require deep passion to learn, but some instruments require more passion than others. For some, you need to stand long hours to practice as well as perform. . . are you passionate enough to withstand these “hardships”?

These are just a few reasons why it is necessary to do a test such as this one, to see what instrument would best suit you. Ready? Let’s start! And don’t forget to share your results with your friends and family.

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Any Child, any age can start learning music by learning the piano. In this course you will learn:- Taking care of pianos and keyboards Playing the ...
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