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Learn greetings in 5 Afro Languages

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Duration: 5 MINS
Lectures: 6
Level: Beginner


In this #AfroPerspective Skills Builder, you will learn how to say hello in 5 different #AfroLanguages.

The languages are

  1. Southern Africa’s Setswana
  2. Jamaican Patwa
  3. Western Africa’s Igbo
  4. East Africa’s Kiswahili
  5. Central Africa’s Lingala

Let’s get learning!




About these 5 afrolanguages

Southern Africa's Setswana

A Greeting in Setswana
1 minute

Time for some Setwana :-)

How do we say hello in Setwana?

Setswana Hello Review
3 questions

Western Africa’s Igbo

Saying hello in Igbo
1 minute

Ms Hope Swithin from Nigeria teaches us how to say Hello in her language; Igbo.

Let’s review

Jamaican Patwa

Saying hello in Jamaican Patwa
1 minute

Let's head over to the beautiful Caribbean country of Jamaica.

It's not in Africa, but it's certainly an Afro Nation.

How do they say hello?

Central Africa’s Lingala

Saying hello in Congolese Lingala
1 minute
Lingala Review time!
2 questions

Lingala is a beautiful language. Let's review how to say hello

East Africa’s Kiswahili

Saying hello in East Africa’s Kiswahili
2 minutes

The last lesson in our kids skills builder: learn 5 Afro languages in 5 minutes.

In this lesson, we do a little recap of the other 4 languages we learned to say hello in, that's why it's longer than 1 minute :-)

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No, this is not a course, it is a language skills builder. Language skills builders help Siri Kids to build their linguistic skills and become multi-lingual. They also help to ensure that Siri Kids get to practise the skills learned in language courses. Language skills builders also prepare Siri Kids for Innovation Challenges.

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Learn greetings in 5 Afro Languages